Rotary Club Golf Classic
Our most successful fund raising project, the annual event is held each August at the Cherry Hill Country Club in Richwood, WV.  For the past five years the tournament, with golfers vying for positions on teams, has had no problems filling the entries.  Actually each year, the Rotary has a waiting list of individuals and teams requesting positions. With a dinner held after golf and open to the public, the Rotary has been fortunate to top off the event with popular guest speakers:  Eddie Pastilong, Don Blankenship, Jim Justice, Oliver Luck and Dana Holgorsen have informed and entertained the audience.

Nicholas County Fair Week
Each summer during the Fair, Rotary continues to pursue its fund raising efforts by sponsoring a raffle.  In the past, a car, big screen TVs, four wheelers and a Harley to name just a few of the great prizes raffled have brought plenty of smiles to the winners and benefited the community as well.

The Dictionary Project
An annual event held each September and October the Rotary distributes dictionaries to every third grade student throughout Nicholas County.  In the past five years, the Rotary Club has distributed more than 1,600 dictionaries to school children.

“Hats ON For Polio”
In response to a world wide effort by Rotary International to eradicate polio, the Rotary Club of Summersville has initiated its own program to help.  “Hats ON For Polio” will allow any student enrolled in a school in Nicholas County to wear a hat during class. Price of admission, $1.00!  Last year the effort raised over $1,200.00.  World Polio Week is the last week in October.

The Rotary Club of Summersville has been actively involved in doing its part to help clean-up litter and has adopted a two mile stretch of road at the Summersville Lake area.  The clean-up campaign is held twice a year…spring and fall.

Food Drive
Seeing a need to help those less fortunate, the Rotary will begin a new project with hopes that it becomes an annual event:  each member of Rotary will be asked to donate a non perishable item which can be brought to weekly meetings. This project will begin six weeks prior to Thanksgiving.  The food will be distributed to the local food pantries.

Salvation Army
One Saturday in December, the Rotary Club volunteers to be “Bell Ringers” manning the kettles at different entrances at Wal-Mart.  The whole bell ringing thing has become very competitive since the City of Summersville and its crew always thinks they can best us!

Easter Egg Hunt
In corroboration with the City of Summersville, the Rotary provides volunteers for the Summersville Easter Egg Hunt.  Members stuff thousands of plastic eggs, hide them around the grounds of the Armory and help distribute the prizes.

Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast
Usually April is a quiet month for Rotarians, so they look forward to the Pancake Breakfast held in the spring.  After donning Rotary aprons, members visit with friends and associates while serving them all you can eat pancakes.  Deliciously prepared by Applebee’s and masterfully served by Rotary!  Proceeds from the event are earmarked for Rotary International Projects.

Scholarship Program
The Rotary Club of Summersville has committed $5,000.00 in each of the past five years to providing scholarships to deserving seniors.  After applications are submitted and reviewed a number of these students is selected to be personally interviewed.   Members from the Scholarship Committee conduct the interview and make their selections.  Scholarship Applications may be found on line and are due by April 1st of each year.

City Beautification
Joining hands with the City of Summersville, the Rotary Club has selected as a beautification project the surrounding landscaping and maintenance of the “Welcome to Summersville Sign” at the intersection of Route 19 and 41.